Ramadan Mubarak 2017: Bangla Islamic Books To Read & Learn Islam

The month of fasting has come at the door and for the Muslim, It is the month of maximizing praying.

Yes, maximizing praying....Because, in this month, if you pray for one time, You will be benefited for 70 times.

So, in this month, A Muslim should pray to Allah regularly and if he or she can pray more, then he or she should pray more because of getting 70 extra benefits in case of regular.

In this month, "Dujokh" remains close and "Jannat" remains open. All Muslim become busy in "Siam Sadhona".

So, If you are a Muslim and think that you make this month as useful and full of praying, Then, here are some Islamic books which may guide you well in the case of providing useful knowledge about Islam. These Bangla Islamic books are awesome and great to follow. 

     04. Iman Sobar Age

     05. Imaner Durbolota

     08. Amol O Jikir

Ramadan Mubarak Bangla ebook

So, download all of these Bangla  books i.e. Bangla Islamic Books and learn or enrich your Islamic knowledge to make your mind direction toward Allah and Islam so that you can be benefited on the earth and 'Akhirat'. Pray for us too. :)