DU MBA Degree Admission Test Books-Mentors Evening MBA(DU)-Book Review

An aim...again a strong aim which always motivates you to be admitted to Dhaka University MBA programs can change your life if the aim becomes successful. Right?

Getting an MBA degree from Dhaka University can change your life, your career life to a positive side or give you successful job opportunities. Basically, the dream jobs can come to your real life, if you can get admitted on this MBA programs of DU.

For that MBA admission test(two types MBA admission test) of DU, you need to resort strong preparation because of the hard competition on the admission test. You know there are two types of MBA programs are available on Dhaka University and one is the evening MBA program and the another is IBA MBA. Both are so tough to get admitted by passing the admission test. IBA MBA is tougher than the evening MBA.

However, Today, We are going to diagnosis an evening MBA admission test helpful book which name is 'Mentors Evening MBA(DU)'. The book will be reviewed nut and shell here according to our efforts. We hope such review may help you to justify the book basis on is it useful for your preparation of evening MBA program or not!

Note: We have a hard-copy of the book named  'Mentors Evening MBA(DU)' to make the review on it. The hard-copy edition is 'Third Edition(April-2014)'. We'll make the review basis on this hard-copy edition. Future edition or upgrade version may be available on the market.

Book Name: Mentors Evening MBA(DU)
Writer: Sayed Khairul Hassan & Anindya Chowdhury
Published By: Mentors
Amount of Pages: 467
First Publish: Not given
Last Edition: We've 2014(April) edition. Future edition may exist!
Book Price: BDT 450

Our Comment
The competition of DU MBA degree admission test is so hard. And for this competitive exam, strong preparation is required. So, we can't depend on one single book to make the full preparation. But yes, If you want to take an overview of the whole(almost) EMBA admission test and for any other competitive jobs examination such as BCS examination preparation or Bank job examination preparation or any other, this book is helpful at all. It is ideal to complete the book for the shortest exam preparation. And if you want to take more exam preparation for DU MBA program, You can read Mentors IBA MBA admission test book too. And not only this two MBA admission test books, but also some other good books study are required to ensure your chance to study on MBA program at Dhaka University.

Frankly speaking, you know(you should know) how to take the preparation for DU MBA degree admission test. We can tell you that this book can be helpful to take the preparation for such MBA degree admission test. But this is not the last! You should study more and more.

What Will You Get Basically
This book is helpful because it has given the touch on almost all the segments of questions type may come on EMBA admission test of DU. For other competitive job exams, this book can be helpful. It has  5000+ words which can help to build a strong English vocabulary. The book for the admission test of MBA degree has provided 14 real DU evening MBA admission test questions answers with an explanation which can be helpful to recognize the question pattern and learn many important questions answers. From mathematics, this book has discussed with...
  1. Algebra
  2. Arithmetic
  3. Geometry
  4. Critical Reasoning
  5. Puzzle Questions
And in the Language & Communication section of this MBA degree admission test preparation book, you will get...
  1. Vocabulary 
  2. Reading Comprehension 
  3. Analogy
  4. Sentence Completion
  5. Practice Exercises(only exercises with answers)
In the market, You will get the specific and complete book on mathematics and MBA admission exam test paper as well as complete books on almost every English concern such as  Analogy, English Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary etc. But, don't just drive or be hungry to buy that books if you have not completed this book yet. Because First complete the book and then for deep preparation you can collect specific books.