Bangla Physics Book:Padartho Bigganer Prothom Path(First Lesson of Physics):Book Review

Physics Book For Class Nine-Ten: To make an outstanding result in physics a student of class nine or class ten should be attentive honestly to his/her physics text book of class nine-ten. A student who is studying with the subjects of science, can found interest on his/her subjects or a specified subject. When it comes with feeling interest and fining it funny, any hard thing can be understand easily for anyone!

Many claim that science is so hard at last. They speak it. Because, they are not capable to make the science interesting for them or some guilty can be applied to their teachers. Because, it may be possible that the teachers who are giving lectures to their student can’t make it enjoyable for those learners. Frankly speaking, anything is so hard if one can't make one's mind to that.

For all the conditions of narrated above, the book of Muhammad Zafar Iqbal named Padartho Bigganer Prothom Path(First Lesson of Physics) can be a good supplement to understand physics which is known as the most hardest subject of science. The writer is of this book is an scientific novel writer for so long time. And his writing style has enchanted so many readers. Basically, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal is the so popular name in the Bangla literature for his many popular scientific novels. So, it can be assumed easily that the book named Padartho Bigganer Prothom Path(First Lesson of Physics) written by Muhammad Zafar Iqbal can be easy to understand beyond others physics book existed in the market.

Basic Info of the Book
Name of the Book: Padartho Bigganer Prothom Path(First Lesson of Physics)
Writer of the Book: Muhammad Zafar Iqbal
Publisher of this Book: A K M Tariqul Islam Roni
First Published: January-2014(We’ve a paperback of this edition, We’re making this review basis on this edition, future edition may be found in the market)
Page: 313
Price: BDT 267.00(Newsprint), BDT 447.00(Offset)

What will you get from the book basically…
Muhammad Zafar Iqbal’s own attractive writing style has been applied to this book of physics to make it interesting and easier to understand. The writer told that it is not to make excellent result in the exam, it is for understanding physics.

Inside the book

After all, If you have a good interest on physics to learn it further more, or if you want to learn physics from a simple physics book, it can be a good one for you. But, never a thing can be appropriate to all. So, this book may be also hard for someone. So, some can found it easy to understand and constantly some may found it hard.