English to Bangla Word Meaning Learning Book: Dictionary of Prefix & Suffix: Book Review

To learn the English language or to be skillful in using English, you have to enrich its vocabulary. Basically, it is the fundamental way of learning any language. Whatever language you want to learn, you have to enrich vocabulary on that language. Like that, to learn English for Bengali, you have to do it.

But, memorizing word meaning is really a boring task and can't remember for long. Then how to learn English to Bangla word meaning with more efficiently?

There are many ways to learn English to Bangla word meaning. The general method is just memorizing an English word with Bangla meaning. And other effective methods are using flash cards, playing with words in sentence making etc. And there are some extra things which can be used to enrich vocabulary very fast! The most two effective ways to enrich English to Bangla words meaning are learning parts of speech as well as prefix and suffix. Parts of speech will help you to learn the different form of a word. And prefix & suffix will also help by that way. Practicing a good Bangla English grammar book will bring you grammatical skill and combining learning English vocabulary with learning English grammar will be more fruitful to practice English focusing on its two important parts such as grammar and vocabulary.

Note: We have a hard-copy of the book named  'Dictionary of Prefix & Suffix' to make the book review on it. The hard-copy edition is the 'First Edition(March-2007)'. We'll make the review basis on this hard-copy edition. Future edition or upgrade version may be available on the market.

Book Name:  Dictionary of Prefix & Suffix
Writer: Mustafizur Rahman
Published By: Professor's Prokashon
Amount of Pages: 486
First Publish: March-2007
Last Edition: We've March-2007. Future edition may have existed!
Book Price: BDT 220
Chapters: 86 Chapters

For Whom?
This English to Bangla dictionary type book or English to Bangla word meaning learning book can be helpful for them especially....
  1. Who want to learn English to Bangla word meaning within very short time effectively.
  2. To get the unknown word meaning
  3. To assume unknown word meaning
  4. Who have learned hundred of English to Bangla word meaning and want to make thousand from the hundred
  5. Who wants to apply their English vocabulary in real life experience
  6. Who suffer from vocabulary phobia
  7. Who wants to make higher research on English vocabulary
  8. To get different parts of speech of a word
  9. Who wants to get higher education including GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, BBA & MBA, BBS & Medical students 
  10. Who is the teacher? 
  11. Ambitious Student

If you don't know about prefix and suffix, you should know about this concept first.

"A prefix is a letter or group of letters which is added to the beginning of a word in order to form a different word or to change its meaning such as- is in misconception, inter in intercontinental, sub in subcontinent etc."

"A suffix is a letter or group of letters which is added to the end of a word in order to form a different word, often of a different word class such as- 'ly' in specially, ness in weakness, is in cautionary etc"

Why you need to learn these? 
To learn English to Bangla word meaning in a very short time, there is no alternative to learning prefix. And suffix will help you to alter the parts of speech of a word. By these two you can capture so many English to Bangla word meaning within a very short time.