Tin Goyenda by Rakib Hasan (Volume-2, Part-1.) 2/1

Tin Goyenda by Rakib Hasan Volume 2/1 is a Bangla detective book which is written by Rakib Hasan.

Rakib Hasan is a popular Bangladeshi Kishor detective golpo writer and he is a creator of the famous series Tin Goyenda.

If you read the book, you will certainly learn something new from the Bangla thriller book.

About The Author:
Rakib Hasan was born in Comilla and he was one of the popular Bangladeshi detective story writers.

Rakib Hasan completed his SSC from Feni and he also completed his HSC also from Feni.

He is an active person and before starting writing Bangla thriller or detective books or stories, he was associated with the many other works.

He has written many Bangla detective books and some of his great Bangla thriller books are...
  • Tin Goyenda by Rokib Hasan Volume-1, Part-1 ,(1/1)
  • Tin Goyenda by Rokib Hasan , Volume-1, Part-2 (1/2)
  • Vingroher Danob by Rakib Hasan
  • Mrittur Sadh by Rakib Hasan
  • Rupali Markorsha by Rakib Hasan and
  • Rudro Sagor by Rakib Hasan etc.

About The Book:
If you read this book, you will find the main detective is Kishor Pasha, assistant detective Musa Aman and documents researcher Robin Milford. They are three who are very eligible for finding any mysterious thing as a unfold things.

The story is like that Kishor and his two friends are exercise every morning.

Kishor has an uncle and aunt and they love kishor very much.

But Kishor got something strange thing in the eyes of his aunt at the time of going to swimming. What was the strange thing? If you want to know, you must read the whole book.

Regardless, this Bangla detective thriller novel is very popular novel in the Bangla detective fictions.

So, download the Bangla detective novel and the most popular series Tin Goyenda by Rakib Hasan Volume 2/1 and read Bangla books to enjoy!

Book Name: Tin Goyenda (Volume-2, Part-1.)  2/1
Writer Name: Rakib Hasan
Book Type: Bangla Thriller / Bangla Detective Story

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