Bangla Jokes or Bangla Koutuk Collection Which Will Urge You to Laugh

It is said that laughing increases the span of one’s life. So it is always encouraged to laugh. And a very popular and successful means of making you laugh is jokes or koutuk. There are jokes in every language and it is related to their society and their way of life. But it is not very easy to make someone laugh. It’s really a very hard task. So, those who write jokes or act them are really very talented.

Moreover, they not only make people laugh, but give some message through their jokes or koutuk sometimes; which are very effective for the people and the society.

‘Koutuk’ is a Bangla word for ‘jokes’. It is not anything supernatural or something like that. It is just a way of talking or a way of presenting a situation in such a manner with the help of some words that it makes the situation very funny. It is the sense of humor that helps you to make and also understand jokes. It is also very helpful to raise awareness among common people and it is more effective than anything because people don’t want to hear anything from others. It is a common tendency. But when the same thing is presented before them in a roundabout way and in a very funny manner, they do not only get fun, but also realizes the facts.

Bangla jokes are also very affluent. There are many good jokes in Bangla which have been making people laugh for many times and still new jokes are being made. When talk about Bangla jokes or Bangla koutuk, there are some names which come to our mind first.Hanif Sanket, Harun Kisinjar etc. Now-a-days, koutuk or jokes are being inspired very much through different reality shows and programs. ‘Mirakkel’ is a very popular Bangla show where different Bangla jokes are told and it is a kind of competition. It is a great platform to improve Bangla jokes or Bangla koutuk.

However, here is a Bangla jokes collection. These Bangla koutuk or jokes will be helpful or work as a tonic to smile and make the mind fresh!

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