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Raboner Deshe Ami O Amra by Humayun Ahmed

Do you love to read travel story? and another question, Do you enjoy to read the writing and presentation style of the great Bangla writer named Humayun Ahmed? If the answer of these two questions go to be positive or 'Yes', here is a Bangla book named Raboner Deshe Ami O Amra by Humayun Ahmed. The book can be categorized as Bangla traveling book. Because, on this book Humayun Ahmed has written the story and procedures of his visit to Nepal.

In this Bangla traveling book, you will get every elements of visiting Nepal by Humayun Ahmed and his associates. The writer has tried to write everything of that travel. Maybe it is a record of that travel. And for them who are fond of Humayun Ahmed books, They may get a feeling to visit Nepal. Because, the writer has tried to put all the elements of his traveling organized and the touch of his creative writing hand.

So, to get a feel of Nepal visiting with Humayun Ahmed, you can download the Bangla traveling book titled Raboner Deshe Ami O Amra by Humayun Ahmed. Or, If you want to visit Nepal, you can read this too to get idea and the procedures of the visiting and what to visit in Nepal.

Book Name: Raboner Deshe Ami O Amra
Writer: Humayun Ahmed
Book Type: Bangla Travel Book

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