Download Sedin Chaitramas by Humayun Ahmed

Sedin Chaitramas is a novel written by the popular Bangla writer Humayun Ahmed. In this novel, you will get  such kind of story on which a struggling life and his sorrow-happiness will be shown.

The story of Sedin Choitromas by Humayun Ahmed has started when the hero of this novel named Shafiq located in front of a house named 'Ator Bari' with a pipe. The owner of that house called shafiq to offer a new job. Safiq thinks what type of the job may be for him. He considers his past experiences for his past jobs. And he enters to the house. So, the story of Sedin Chaitramas just begins.

If you want to read an interesting novel of Humayun Ahmed, Sedin Chaitramas can be an ideal one. Because, it has the all of elements which are existed on other Humayun Ahmed books.

so, download the interesting Bangla novel named Sedin Chaitramas by Humayun Ahmed, read, feel & enjoy the novel!

Book Name: Sedin Chaitramas
Writer: Humayun Ahmed
Book Type: Bangla Novel

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