Download Alif Laila or Arobbo Rajoni & Enjoy The Arabian Nights Stories: Bangla Book

Alif Laila was a very famous TV serial which was based on some stories of Arabic literature. These stories were mainly on different continents of West and South Asia and they were collected in Arabic named ‘One Thousand and One Nights’. ‘Alif Laila’, the word itself, also means a thousand nights. It was translated into different languages. In English, it was translated as ‘The Arabian Nights’ and in Hindi and Bengali, it was remained ‘Alif Laila’.

But it is also known as ‘Arobbo Rajoni’ in Bangla. There are a number of fictitious stories which are mainly based on mystery, magic, evil power and many more supernatural elements. The series was first aired on Indian National channel, DD National. Later, it was telecast on other channels too. There is also a Bangla and English version of it. Many of us must have remembered Bangla Alif Laila.

Alif Laila is not only found as a TV series on DVDs. There is also a printed copy of the stories published as ‘Alif Laila’ or ‘Arobbo Rajoni’. The Bengali who don’t understand Hindi or English, ‘Bangla Alif Laila’ is very helpful for them. And as these are very popular stories all over the world, the Bengali people should also know this. People; especially children love to read the stories of ‘Alif Laila’ or’ Arobbo Rajoni’ very much because children are very fond of fictitious things. They love to imagine a lot and that’s why these totally imaginary stories attract them a lot. There are many stories like...
  • The Merchant and The Genie
  • The Fisherman
  • Aladin and The Wonderful Lamp
  • Alibaba and The Forty Thieves
  • The Seven Voyages of Sindbad the Sailor
  • and many more.&

Each of the stories is full of mystery and excitement and the characters like ‘Aladin’, Sindbad’, ‘Alibaba’ are very much popular with the people.

Though these stories are of Arabian literature, it is not at all difficult to get these nowadays. Alif Laila book or ArobboRajoni book can be got from Bangla Books PDF.

Because of the progress of science and technology, we can now get any book just sitting at home. We will just need a net connection and it will be easy and also free to download our desired books. So, if you are interested to download ‘Alif Laila book’, Download Alif Laila now and read in order to enjoy! you can get this in pdf format and you can download and save this in your computer and can read this.

‘Alif Laila’ is a very famous collection of some tremendous fictitious stories. And as it is now found also in Bangla and can be downloaded at free of cost. Enjoy the fascinating stories and get drenched with the dreamy world of Alif Laila.

So, download the Bangla book named Alif Laila PDF, and read the charming story of the Arabian Nights.

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