Bangla Novel Book -Shodh by Taslima Nasrin

Book Name: Shodh
Writer Name: Taslima Nasrin
Book Type: Bangla Romantic Novel

Shodh by Taslima Nasrin is a popular Bangla novel book and this Bangla book was first published on 1992. If you are looking for reading Bangla romantic novel, this Bangla book will be the perfect book for you.

The name of the main hero of this Bangla book is Harun and the heroin name is Jhomor. They love each other very much. They marry each other with the good sign of love.

Harun was not much affectionate with Jhomor and after marriage, the heroine realises that. And for this reason, she wants to take revenge from Harune. Actually, the name of this book is also Revenge by Taslima Nasrin.

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