101 Study Tips To Enhance Study Skills & Get Brilliant Educational Result

101 study tips
Who is a good student? How he/she becomes a good student? A good student follows some certain steps which are not followed by a bad student(A student who are not making good result and earning knowledge).

We have arranged 101 study tips to increase your study skills. We hope these study tips will be helpful for you to achieve your study goal. These tips are helpful for any types of student whether you are an university student or a college level student or a school level student. These study tips can be applied by all of students in different stages of educational life.

101 study tips

To get most outcome from these educational tips, you can bookmark this page, or save it. Because, one read is not enough. Read and apply some tips. After applying some tips, again read and again apply some tips inside of you. Thus the process will be helpful to achieve 101 study tips inner you. And as a result, your study will boost effectively.

A. Basic Study Tips
1. Be regular to your study. Always try to maintain regularity for your study.

2. Schedule your study time. With whatever task you remain busy, leave that whenever your study time come.

3. Be regular on your classes. Don't miss any class without great reason.

4. Love your study materials and its content.

5. Try to be independent. Don't depend on others.

B. Strategic Study Plan
1. A strategic study plan will help you to capture your lesson first and get the most outcome from your hard work. So, it is necessary to develop a strategic plan for your study. But you should develop it as soon as possible. Because, if you get more time and make your study according the plan, you will get more benefit from it.

2. Make the plan how will you finish each subject.

3. Make more deep and clear plan. Try to make a plan for each subject of a study year. And adjust all the plans in a big plan which may call as the main plan.

4. Try to measure the outcome of your created study plan. Check the potential result after two months or four months. If the assumed result shows satisfactory level of progress, strict to your plan after creation.

5. Place a time when the study plan should be modified. You can place it two months, or three months or after first semester exam etc. stage. When you are creating the plan, you should place the modifying reasons or adjusting point. Also, measure the progress level after a period.

C. The Environment
1. Know that your study environment has great impact on your study progress. So, you should decorate a study room which is well-favorable for your study.

2. Try to keep simple and well-decorated your study room.

3. Keep necessary tools on that room.

4. Place the table and chair near to window so that you can get fresh air and natural look.

5. Don't place your study books randomly on the table. Keep them according to your needs.

study room

D. Psychological Attitude
1. You are a student. So, your main occupation is study. If you spend your time on playing, watching movie or other time killer activities, you should avoid that. We don't say that you can't do that. You can but in a very little amount. When you are getting bored to make study, you can take break and entertain your mind. But just care that the entertained time should not kill your much time.

2. If your mind gets detached from your study, try to make little entertain for it. When your mind is entertained, come back to your study. You can place this entertainment time on your strategic study plan. Because, on that plan, you have to make a study schedule too.

3. Make understood your mind that you love the subjects. If you can understand your mind, it will love and be attentive to the study to know more new things.

4. Don't force your mind if it really can't get attached to study. Try to know why it is impatience. After getting the reason, repair that.

5. The core point of getting attentive mind for study is management of all the tasks around you. If you can manage those elements which effect your study and mind, you can get attentive mind.

E. Remembrance
1. If you listen attentively, you will be able to remember effectively.

2. To remember your studied lesson, you should read with passion, love.

3. Read, listen, write and think.

4. Take a break when your mind is stubborn to get a break.

5. Tell others what you have learned.

F. Memorizing Tricks
1. Try to accent your lesson to listen with accentuating.

2. Don't try to memorizing without understanding any topic. Try to memorizing after getting full understanding.

3. First read the whole lesson slowly. Then try to get what the objective of reading such lesson. Then try to understand it properly. Then read again slowly and notice the key points of such lesson.

4. Read and write. Such process really effective to memorize quickly.

5. Revise after a period or at least weekly what you have memorize on the whole week.

G. Health Care
1. You have to maintain physical exercise regularly to boost your working power..

2. Eat healthy fruits so that you can get optimum nourishment for your body.

3. Healthy body ensures healthy mind. Healthy mind ensures effective remembrance. Effective remembrance ensures effective study.

4. Take your daily meals regularly at fixed time. Maintain optimum diet on your regular meal.

5.. Ensure sound sleep and drink water at optimum level.

H. Learning Style
1. Your learning style matters. It really matters. It has a great impact on your academic result too. Because, if your learning style is good, then you will be able to capture more lesson effectively.

2. Recognize your learning style in order to upgrade if it is not a optimum style to study.

3. Try to be familiar other brilliant student's learning style of your class.

4. Take break after one hour or two hours study.

5. Develop a brilliant learning style so that you can get massive output from your study.

Learning Style

I. Good Student Approach
1. Good students are always good. Because they are not only good for their brilliant grades but also for their other good activities which reflect as a good character in the society.

2. Good students are very attentive to their study and they spend most of time for studying.

3. Their attitude is always positive and they can manage the willingness to learn a new subject even the subject is not interesting enough.

4. A good student has the ability to capture the regular lesson in his/her classes. Because The student remains very attentive to his/her classes and asks the teacher if he/she does not understand properly.

5. If you want to become a good student, you should follow comprehensive guideline of a your teacher so that you can make excellent grade in your exam.

J. The Classroom and Classes
1. Be attentive while you are in your class room. Listen carefully what are saying by your teacher.

2. Take essential note and written down what are written on the board.

3. Underline or highlight important points on your written note.

4. As soon as possible review your note after the end of a class. This process will help you deeply to remember and capture the lesson explained in the class.

5. Ask your teacher if you don't get the meaning of his/her lecture.

K. Reading Tricks
1. Silence reading is effective because it required less time and energy.

2. If you can't read keeping silence, you can read loudly. But try to read slowly so that your ears can get the meaning.

3. To read your textbooks effectively, you should read attentively. The following method you can follow in order to get the most benefits.
  • Read the whole passage to get idea. 
  • Read the whole passage again by every word.
  • Write down the key points of that passage.  
  • Speak others about the passage
4. Whenever you are reading keep the attitude in your mind that you are not reading for memorizing you are reading in order to achieve knowledge and know the thing.

5. Reading time is also important. Find out what time is best for you. Some people prefer to read at night. Because the environment remains noiseless and calm. On the other hand, some people prefers to read at morning. Because, the environment and mind both are usually fresh at that time. So, find out your own time to read.

Effective Reading

L.Writing  & Presentation Tricks
1. Beautiful hand writing usually draw the eyes of a examiner. So, try to improve your hand writing style.

2. Unclear presentation of writing does not demand for good marks. If your written fonts are unclear, try to write clearly on your exam.

3. If your writing style is very good and looked beautiful but your presentation of data is not attractive, then you reserve to get low marks in the exam. So, your presentation style matters. Try to present an answer nicely.

4. The knowledge of language matters. If you write and present your data by following English language, you should have good English writing skills. Because, in that case, your writing and presentation should be grammatical and spelling error less.

5. Just don't write to fulfill. You should not waste the time of readers. So, first bring the brevity and then bring the clarity. But both should have on your writing.

Effective Writing

M. The Exam Preparation
1. It is ideal to be aware about the exam when the study year begins. Many student don't study regularly when the time is enough. But they become tensioned at the exam night and study the whole night. As a result, they can't make good or outstanding result in the exam.

2. Know well what is the syllabus of your exam, what is the question pattern of your exam and in what areas you have to take preparation for the exam.

3. If you start your exam preparation at the beginning of the year, you will have enough time to take the preparation and thus you can study deeply. You don't need to get any suggestion or short question list of a subject. Because, you can read almost all the answers of all questions of a subject.

4.  You should practice on past exams also.

5. Before the main exam, try to attend at model exams. Thus you will face the exam environment and pressure. And as a result your exam pressure will be less. On the other hand, For model tests, you will take preparation. Such preparation will be helpful at final exam.

Exam Preparation

N. The Exam Hall
1. To take a fresh mind in the examination hall, take bath and wear nice dress.

2. When you are going to your exam hall in order to attend at an exam, Check out your all tools and papers to take with you.

3. When you are going to your exam hall, reserves enough time so that you can reach timely.

4. At the examination hall, don't bother others and also be attentive on your exam.

5. Don't be angry with someone. Try to keep the mind cool and attentive. If any question seems hard, try to answer another. After finishing all easy question, try to answer the hard. But don't spend more time in one question. Because time is limited.

O. Inspiration
1. Study to learn not to make outstanding result only. Because, if you study to learn, your result should be brilliant.

2. To capture a boring subject, you should find out apt-inspiration for that subject. Such inspiration can change your attitude to that subject. As a result you will feel less boring.

3. Inspiration is not all. It is only the first step of working for a goal. It initiate the journey and you have to continue the whole. So, you have to motivate yourself regularly for studying.

4. Discipline is the key point to become a good student and make great grades in the exam. It can be treated as the main inspirational key.

5. Set a professional goal such as after completion of your academic year, you will be a Banker or Doctor or Computer engineer or so on. Such goal will help you to get attraction for your study.

P. Goal Oriented Study
1. Goal oriented study means keeping a goal so that you can work hard to achieve that goal.

2. For goal oriented study, you have to combine all of your study tools.

3. You must have a strategic study plan in order to achieve the study goal.

4. Dream with your study goal.

5. Think, think and think what will be if you can achieve the study goal.

Q. Asking Attitude
1. If you feel fear to ask your teacher a concept you are not understanding, it is the identity of your foolish attitude!

2. If you don't understand a topic or a thing clearly, ask freely to your teacher. It is your own responsibility to make the concept clear by hook or crook.

3. You can take the additional help of your friend if he or she is clear on that concern.

4. Most of people are not foolish for lack of knowledge. They are fools because of lacking of asking behavior.

5. Not only for studying but also for anything, try to ask if you don't understand or know.

R. Creativity of Student
1. Creativity is the power.

2. Creativity is the power as like as the knowledge.

3. Your intelligence will help you to justify the situation. And your creativity mind will seek the additional field of applied knowledge.

4. As a student you should have creativity or develop creativity as much as you can.

5. Reserving curiosity, being an expert on your field, realizing how creativity works, being able to take potential risk to attain creativity skills, developing your self-confidence, spending time on creative talent may bring creativity inner you.

S. Overall Study Tips
1. Always try to keep yourself updated in the area of technology.

2. Keep the backup of your all important and necessary files so that you can't be distract if the files are lost.

3. Always maintain good manners to older and younger as well as your class mates.

4. Always make an outline of a week and post it on your wall which is in front of your study desk.

5. Try to learn deeply so that you can hook that for long time.

T. Final Study Tips
1. To be a good student and achieve great grades, your strong intention is enough. If you don't have strong intention, neither study tip can help you at all!

2. To become a good student, you have to take care all of the sides which are included in the path of being a good student.

3. A good student not only show his talent by his study and its academic result, but also show his/her skillful and good behavior in front of others.

4. As a good student, you have to always try to develop your study skills so that you can make strategic study.

5. Love is the key to success! Because love has the power to hard work and dream about it. If you can build love to your study, it will bring outstanding result. You have to be initiative with love.

Study is interesting

Always try to make your study interesting. Or Feel it as a interesting task. If you can feel so, your study will be interesting and you can study more.

To achieve study goal, a student has to take all of the essential steps in the path of acquiring the goal. If you have such kind of goal inner your head and mind, you can follow above 101 study tips to enhance your study skills so that you can achieve brilliant or talented grades. And we hope, above tips not only for bringing that success but also helpful for increasing your merit too.