How to Make Excellent Result/Grades in HSC Exam-8 Tips

HSC Exam Tips
HSC exam or Higher Secondary Certificate exam is a crucial exam for the students. Just after the SSC exam it’s a new kind of syllabus for the students.

So, at first the exam system may seem a little difficult to the students just after completing the SSC exam. But do not worry. If you stick to the right way, you can make good result in HSC Exam.

01. Start from the very beginning: You will get just 2 years to complete the whole syllabus of HSC and this syllabus comprises more explained subjects than the syllabus of SSC. So, you must start your preparation from the very beginning of your college. You can start after completing your SSC exams.

02. Get habituated in reading main book: Guides and notebooks are available in the market but there is nothing better than the main books. Get habituated in reading main books. Do not follow the guide books or notes.

03. Make your own hand note: Making own hand note will keep you closely related to your reading. It is the best way to learn implicitly. Naturally you have to spend much time to make your own hand notes but once you start making your own notes that will help you in your HSC exam.

04. Be Consistent: Consistent reading always help. Make your own routine including class hour. Try to stay with all the subjects every day.If you think that you will cover all the subjects three months or four months before the exam, then you may do well in the exam memorizing things but it will harm you in the long run. You would understand nothing and certainly that’s not learning.


05. No shortcut: There is no shortcut way in making good result. Some students always run behind short suggestions.Suggestions will help you once you complete your syllabus, not before that. You must work hard and give maximum time to your studies.

06. Spot your weak point: You may have some weakness over a subject or two. Give more time to that subject and prepare yourself for the exam.

07. Revision always helps: You must complete all your subjects before the Test exam. The time after test exam is the proper time for revisions. Take at least two months to revise and prepare for your HSC exam.

08. Final Preparation just before the exam: The last 3-4 months are the most vital time before your HSC exam. You must follow a strict routine in order to cut a good figure at the exam. Subjects that are risky for you must get the priority here. You can take suggestions and follow them if you have completed the whole syllabus. Never try to follow a shortcut suggestion. It’s like a gambling. You must not take preparation for your exam like that.


Making a good result in HSC exam is hard but if you follow the right path and spend enough time, success will be yours. Sit tight and  utilize your time as well as give your valuable labor  in to the right place to achieve your study goal.

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