Sokol Griho Haralo Jar by Taslima Nasrin

Sokol Griho Haralo Jar by Taslima NasrinBook Name: Sokol Griho Haralo Jar
Writer Name: Taslima Nasrin
Book Type: Bangla Novel Book

Sokol Griho Haralo Jar by Taslima Nasrin is a popular Bangladeshi story book and you will find the much emotional speech by reading this Bangla book. 

In this Bangla book, She tried to say about her life and dreams. Actually, She wanted to be free and she thought that freedom is her own rights. Not only her but also every woman has rights to get freedom. The family was also very important to her and she was explained about that in this Bangla book.

However, download the Bangla book or Bangla golper boi titled "Sokol Griho Haralo by Taslima Nasrin" and read Bangla books to enjoy Bangla literature. 

Remarks: This Bangla book is a collection of a newspaper column. you will find much important information by reading this Bangla book.

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