Sokol Griho Haralo Jar by Taslima Nasrin

Sokol Griho Haralo Jar by Taslima NasrinBook Name: Sokol Griho Haralo Jar
Writer Name: Taslima Nasrin
Book Type: Bangla Novel Book

Sokol Griho Haralo Jar by Taslima Nasrin is a Bangla novel book which is written by Taslima Nasrin. This book is one of the most popular Bangla novel books of this writer. She is a Bangladeshi writer and she writes novel or essays with feminist views.

Taslima Nasrin born 25 August 1962 in the town of Mymensingh and her father was a renowned physician and Taslima studied medicine and became a physician. She has written many popular Bangla books such as Lajja, Saree Blouse, Kichukkhon Tahko, Bela Jay Mela Jay, Tobu O Valo Thako, Sei Sob Ondhokar, Dharma Nei Opekkha Royeche, Brammoputrer Pare etc. Download Taslima Nasrin all Bangla books, novels, stories, essayes etc.

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