Get Bangla Book Titled Fiha Somikoron By Humayun Ahmed

If you want to read a nice science fiction then you may download the Bangla science fiction book named Fiha Somikoron by Humayun Ahmed.

In this book, you will get a story of two different nation where in one side you will get normal human being and in other side a newly made nation on the earth who have super power.

The opposite nation has super power to control the thought abilities of normal human being. And We know that thinking is the main power of human to invent, discover and learn.

Fiha is a great scientist who has lost his parents in early age. That's why a super power couple taken him as their son and reared.

The hero of this science fiction named Fiha was a brilliant student of science and as a result he is so good on chemistry. He is the chief of national chemistry department. He invent many formula's. That's why the super power nation respect him a lot although he is one of normal human being.

In this science fiction You will get a climax where the number of normal human being are reducing and the super power nation is increasing in number day by day. Fiha try to stop the process by all his efforts.

You will get a romantic story also when Fiha fall in love with a girl.

However, without reading you can't get the real taste of this science fiction....Right?

So, download the Bangla science fiction story book named Fiha Somikoron by Humayun Ahmed

Book Name: Fiha Somikoron
Writer: Humayun Ahmed
Book Type: Science Fiction

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