Dontonno Ruhman by Sumonto Aslam

Dontonno Ruhman by Sumonto Aslam is Bangla novel book which is written by Sumonto Aslam.

This book was first published in Ekushey Boi Mela 2009.

The story of this book is really a nice story and it is a different based story.

About The Author:
Sumonto Aslam is a nice and popular Bangladeshi writer, journalist, novelist and columnist.

He was born on in the year of 1971 and he was born at Sirajgong in Bangladesh.

Sumonto Aslam is known for his versatile and simple writing style.

Sumonto Aslam has the ability to write any topic into very nicely.

If you read his book one time, you must read another book next time.

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About The Book:
You know, there is a lot of people in the name of ‘Rahman’. Some of them are ‘Rahman’ or ‘Rehman’. But in this book, you are going to introduce with ‘Ruhman’.

Dontonno Ruhman, he is the main part of this Bangla novel that you are going to read.

Frankly speaking, this Bangla novel of Sumonto Aslam has a very nice story.

For this reason, I will suggest you read a different kind interesting story of this book.

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Book Name: Dontonno Ruhman
Writer: Sumonto Aslam
Book Type: Bangla Novel

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