Roll Number Shunno by Sumonto Aslam

Roll Number Shunno by Sumonto Aslam is a Bangla novel book which is written by Sumonto Aslam.

We know, our roll number in a class starts from 1 but here the name of this book is roll number 0!

That means, if you read the book, you are getting something interesting story.

About The Author:
Sumonto Aslam was born on 1 December 1971 and it was on Wednesday.

He is a Bangladeshi journalist and great novelist.

He works on the giant Bangladeshi Daily Newspaper ‘Prothom Alo’.

He works on sectional editor on the weekly section on Prothom Alo.

Now, Sumonto Aslam is sectional editor of the ‘Pachal’. He was born in Sirajganj in Bangladesh.

He is a popular writer and versatile category writer in Bangladesh.

Mr. Aslam has written many popular Bangla books and some of his famous Bangla books are...
  • Tobuo Ekdin by Sumonto Aslam
  • Bappi Voyonkor by Sumonto Aslam
  • Danpite Dablu by Sumonto Aslam
  • Roll Number Shunno by Sumanto Aslam
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  • Dontonno Ruhman by Sumonto Aslam
  • Ke Tumi by Sumonto Aslam
  • Voot Bondhu by Sumonto Aslam

About The Book:
Rashed is main character of this story. He wants to admit in this school for a reason. The study is not the main reason in for him.

Actually, this is why he is zero in the class.

Now, the question is what is the reason?

If you want to know, you have to read the full book.

However, Rashed is a very genius boy and you will understand by reading the book.

So, download the Bangla novel book ‘Roll Number Shunno by Sumanto Aslam’ and read Bangla book to enjoy!

Book Name: Roll Number Shunno
Writer Name: Sumonto Aslam
Book Type: Bangla Novel Book PDF

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