Download Sumonto Aslam Ebook- Danpite Dablu

Download Sumonto Aslam Ebook named Danpite Dablu. Sumonto Aslam always tries to figure out real story from real life. But this book contains a story of a boy who is really very 'Danpite" !

Dablu is a name of a boy whose mother has gone forever. His father married again. A teacher comes who targeted for stopping all of their naughty works! Dablu and his friends feel that the teacher is going to stop their all enjoyment. A boy come to their class who is very tall. After coming the boy, The feel that something is changed. The story of Danpite Dablu has been designed right that way by Young novelist Sumonto Aslam.
Book Name: Danpite Dablu
Writer: Sumonto Aslam

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