Nalini Babu by Humayun Ahmed

Nalini Babu by Humayun Ahmed is a great funny book of Humayun Ahmed. In this book, Humayun Ahmed wrote about a person who's name is Nalini Babu and he is a teacher.

Nalini Babu is a funny guy and he likes to see all of writers. Once time, Nalini Babu was going to see Humayun Ahmed to his house. Nalini Babu was an old man. There is a reason of seeing of Humayun Ahmed and the reason is that Nalini Babu read only one book of any writer.

So, He is also reading one book of Humayun Ahmed and the name of this book is Misir Ali.

Actually, Nalini Babu is a mental patient. He is sick with mentally. He came to Humayun Ahmed and told him his entire past story that was really amazing. At the last time of this book, Humayun Ahmed solved his entire problem as like Misir Ali.

So, if you read this book, you will be pleased of knowing the story of Nalini Babu who is a graduate with and a teacher.

Book Name: Nalini Babu
Author Name: Humayun Ahmed

Book Type: Bangla Novel

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