Pipli Begum by Humayun Ahmed

Pipli Begum by Humayun Ahmed... is an amazing book of Humayun Ahmed. The story of this book is really awesome. This is the story of an Ant. If you read this book, you will know some amazing information about Ant.

Actually, this Bangla book is written by Humayun Ahmed for the children. It is dedicated to all kind of parents who are really loved to tell the story their child. So, collect this book for your child and I am sure, this book will be loved by your children.

It is started by telling about three sisters. They are Tilu, Bilu and Nilu. Their father is a doctor. And the three sisters are read in Viqarunnisa Noon School. So, they love to listening story from their father. One day their father become agree of listening story to them.

Their father was started to tell a story of an Ant. This ant is a female ant. So, this ant is done something interesting. What are these interesting things? If you want to know, you must read this book and I am sure if you start to read this one time, you can not leave to reading.

Book Name:  Pipli Begum
Writer: Humayun Ahmed

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