Kobi By Humayun Ahmed(part1 Part2 Part3)

Kobi is one of the great books of Humayun Ahmed. After reading this novel, you will acknowledge this truth frankly.

Atahar is wearing a Panjabi. His Panjabi is not so clean. It is no matter to him because a beautiful Panjabi needs to new bridegroom. But he is not a new bridegroom of this house. There is only one problem and that there is a yellow spot on the Panjabi at the front site.

But he has no time for changing Panjabi because his father is now on the bathroom. His father has gone to bathZroom with newspaper. Atahar have to leave this house before his father is come back from bathroom. Otherwise, there will be lot of problem.

The story of this book ‘Kobi’ is really awesome. Atahar is the main character of this novel. If you love the character ‘Himu’, this Atahar is like Himu. So, you will also love this character also. For this reason, I will suggest you to read this book. There are three parts of Kobi. You can free download of all parts from here.

Book Name: Kobi
Writer: Humayun Ahmed

If you are interested in downloading this Bangla book named Kobi by Humayun Ahmed, you are greatly required to click on the part 1, part 2 and part 3. Because it is in three parts. So collect your book named Kobi by Humayun Ahmed.

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