Bangla Novel Named Kishori By Imdadul Haque Milon

Kishori is written by Imdadul Hoque Milon. He is a popular novel writer. Kishori is an amazing story. The story has written about the life story of a under teenager or kishori.

She would love her father but her father was not. The story is a painful, tragedy romantic love story of a child who loved his father very much.

If you read this story, you will learn the value of father. The title of this Bangla book has taken from the story base.

This Bangla Book is most popular book of the Imdadul Hoque Milon. For this reason, I would suggest you to read this book Kishori. It is a social tragedy story about child who does not have parents but she loved her parents very much.

Book Name: Kishori
Writer of The Book: Imdadul Hoque Milon
Book Type: Novel

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