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Niyomito Aniyom by Hanif Sanket

Niyomito Aniyom by Hanif Sanket is a popular TV performer in Bangladesh. Hanif Sanket has been the popular name in every man of life throughout the country. He himself is a Big Bangladeshi TV Institution and he known as the Media Magician.

The book Niyomito Aniyom is very popular book of Bangladesh. It is the best books ever he writes. He also writes many books.

Niyomito Aniyom is a really good book.

In this book, Hanif Sanket writes about the inconsistency of our politics, society and our morality. He criticize many abnormal things of our society by different kinds of aspects.

By reading this book, you can gather lot of thought about our present condition of Dhaka city and the environment of Dhaka and town.

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Book Name: Niyomito Aniyom
Writer: Hanif Sanket

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