Mon Chuye Jay Valobasha by Imdadul Haque Milon

 Mon Chuye Jay Valobasha by Imdadul Hoque Milon is a Bangla romantic novel book which is written by Imdadul Hoque Milon.

You will get an amazing Bangla story of this Bangla romantic novel book. Laboni is the heroine of this novel and if you love to read the romance novel, this book will be the perfect book for you.

About The Author:
Imdadul Hoque Milon is a popular Bangladeshi romantic writer and the profession of his is an author, dramatist, editor, columnist and TV personality.

The author of this book, the editor of this Bangla language daily newspaper ‘Kaler Kantho’ won the City Andanda Alo Award 2015.

People are remembering Imdadul Hoque Milon along with Humayun Ahmed for creating and expanding readership in Bangladesh

He has written many popular Bangla books and he has written more than 150 Bangla romantic books and some of his Bangla books are...

About The Book:
Laboni is a very beautiful girl. There is a lot of long hair Laboni. A nice chain has around her neck. Laboni is looking more beautiful for wearing jewelry. Jewelry does not suit everyone but Laboni. She is looking beautiful but she is black.

However, there is a something mysterious thing in this novel about Laboni and for catching this thing, you must read the whole Bangla book.

So, download the Bangla romantic novel book ‘Mon Chuye Jay Valobasha by Imdadul Hoque Milon’ and read Bangla book to enjoy!

Book Name: Mon Chuye Jay Valobasha
Writer Name: Imdadul Haque Milon
Book Type: Bangla Romantic Novel

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