Download Doiroth By Humayun Ahmed

How should be our married life? What is the objectives of marriage? The marriage is to be a well combination of two different life. It is the combination of two body to be turned into one soul. But, if there is no matching...Then? Oil and water never mixed. But to mix, you need to push massive strength. Right?

Doiroth is a novel written by Humayun Ahmed. In this novel you will get a story of two different types of people. In one side, a female who loves beautiful things and her all activities and things trend to be well decorated. On the other side, a male whose all activities and things are just opposite of the female.

However, book is awesome! Because, it reflects our life. It is happened because writers search out the element of writing from real life. In this Bangla book named Doiroth by Humayun Ahmed, a reflection of a scenario of life can be found.

Inside of the book named Doiroth by Humayun Ahmed

So, download Doiroth by Humayun Ahmed and read, enjoy and observe life. How does life trend us to a destination?

Book Name: Doiroth
Writer: Humayun Ahmed
Book Type: Bangla Novel

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