Download Bangla Translation Of Brida By Paulo Coelho

Brida is a novel by Paulo Coelho. The novel is internationally well criticized and popular. That's why it has come to be Bangla translation. The Bangla translation of Brida has been done by  Prince Ashraf. However, if you want to read a good Brazilian novel, then it is a good one.

The writer of Brida novel is Paulo Coelho who is a Brazilian writer. The primary language of this novel is Portuguese and its genre is love, mystery & spiritual. Its publication is HarperCollins.  And Bangla translation publication is Rodela.

However, Paulo Coelho is a great writer who has received so many international awards for his great writings. His most famous novel is The Alchemist.

In Brida, Paulo Coelho has written a story of a young girl who search for knowledge and interested in learning magic. She searches for knowledge in everywhere. She got a teacher and the teacher finds her quality. But she don't know it well. Along with love and mystery as well as spiritual activities the story of that young girl named Brida goes ahead. What happened to Brida at the last?

To know the Brida's story just download this Bangla anubad book pdf of Brida by Paulo Coelho and read to enjoy.

Book Name: Brida
Author: Paulo Coelho
Translated By: Prince Ashraf
Book Type: Bangla Translation

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