Write A Book Review!

Have you just completed a book?
Or, Are you interested to share your knowledge with others?
Or, Have you found out a book very useful and wanted to read it by others also?
Or, Would you like to see your writing showed in Bangla Books PDF so that others read your writing?

If all the answers belongs to only one simple word "YES", then....You are welcome and you are just making it for increasing readers or helping other readers to read or feel on just another book. You are helping your favorite Bangla Books PDF too! Because, You are enriching its database by writing valuable content. On the other hand, you are making it stronger. Because, It wants strength of focusing on increasing readers in Bangladesh.

Write A Book Review

How To Write
For them who writes regularly, writing seems easy for them. But who do not write continually, writing may seems hard.  However, Below is a simple process to write a book review. So, by following these steps, just place your suitable words, edit and shape your first review on Bangla Books PDF!

1. Browse our review section or this one to get idea first!

2. Open Microsoft word and Make your review in 6 different parts such as introduction, book details, what will readers get or short overview of the story of the book, author short bio, author's objective, conclusion. You may add more but can't less below 5!

3. In the introduction part, you can place the introductory words of your own such as how you have got this book and why you have felt interested on it as well as what such book really contains

4. In the book details part, place the books info what such as book title, writer name, book's publication date, publisher name, price(what is printed on the book,not the commission less price) etc.

5. In the author short bio, you can write some info about the writer.

6. In the short overview of the book, You should write the main part which is making an overview or giving readers an overall idea of the book story. you will tell the books story like your own system but it is like summery. It can be treated as preface of the book but made by you!

7. In Author objectives, you can write what you have found or learned from the book. Or, if you found any message from the author after reading the book, you can place that in this part too.

8. In conclusion part, just write an overview of your written review within 50-60 words.

9. Following above steps, check out your whole review and do necessary edit.

10. Below of the written review, place your own details with a beautiful picture(your). Your own details should be at least 50-60 words. Because, We want your popularity or familiarity to the other Bangladeshi! If you have Facebook or Google Plus profile, you can send the URL of that profile too so that we can add that with your name.

11. Send the MS word file or review from your email to banglabookspdf@gmail.com

Read To Enjoy & Learn!

Share To Help Others and Yourself Too!

By writing a book review, you are sharing your knowledge and knowledge is the thing which increase by sharing! And to write a fantastic review, you will read more valuable books as well as try to read more carefully. Your reading will be get extra perfection. So, come on with us and let's make a try to increase readers in Bangladesh.