Gopal Bharer 111 Hasir Golpo

Gopal Bharer Eksho Eagero Hasir Golpo Edited by Prafulla Kumar Patra is a Bangla Rommo Rochana or Bangla Special book or Bangla Jokes Book which is edited by Prafulla Kumar Patra.

This book is a 111 funny stories collection book of popular Bangla literature character named Gopal Bhar.

Gopoal Bhar was a court joker in the medieval period in the Bangla. He was as the joker in the in the court of Raja Krishnachandra from 1710 to 1783.

At that time he was the king of Nadia. Gopal Bhar was more known to all for giving joy to others by different types of ridicule or funny matters. The king Krishnachandra considered him as a Navaratna in his court and Gopal was very intelligent for keeping his position.

There is a lot of Bangla funny short stories of Gopal Bhar which are narrated in both West Bengal and Bangladesh. The Gopal Bharer Golpo is short, beautiful and funny and these stories have specific social messages.

Actually, Gopal Bhar was a very funny guy and all stories of Gopal Bhar are comparable with the Molla Nasiruddin and Birbal.

The name of Gopal Bhar was first mentioned in the Bengali literature. It is said that Gopal Bhar was a legendary personality but some people say that Gopal Bhar was an imaginary character.

However, there is no problem that who is Gopal Bhar but the stories of Gopal Bhar are really nice and awesome stories. Want the fun and want to read a new funny book? well, you are lucky because you are getting a nice book.

So, download the Bangla Special book or Bangla rommo rochana named ‘Gopal Bharer 111 Hasir Golpo’ and read Bangla book to enjoy!

Book Name: Gopal Bharer 111 Hasir Golpo
Book Type: Bangla Jokes/ Rommo Rochona/ Funny stories/ Kids stories

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