KathPencil by Humayun Ahmed: Bangla Ebook

KathPencil by Humayun Ahmed: Bangla EbookBangla Ebook Download i.e. Bangla autobiographical book of Humayun Ahmed named Kathpencil.

In a autobiographical book named Ballpoint the popular Bangla writer named Humayun Ahmed wrote some personal experiences, stories and events.

After the publication of Ballpoint, Humayun Ahmed thought that he had some more personal words to write about.

However, from the thought of that, writing for the book named 'kath Pencil' has innovated. And as a result, It has been written as well as published.

And you are getting the opportunity to read the book named 'Kath Pencil' to read some own life story of Humayun Ahmed.

Basically, the autobiographical books of Humayun Ahmed have some stories and some lessons to learn. Actually, from reading autobiographic book of any writer, We usually get the chance to read the person's own experiences, view of point, motivation, sign of wised manner and knowledge on sharing.

If you think, you would like to get such, you may download the book named Kath Pencil by Humayun Ahmed.

Book Name: KathPencil
Writer: Humayun Ahmed
Book Type: Autobiographic

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