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Badshah Namdar is a historical novel written by the great writer of Bangladesh, Humayun Ahmed. The story of Badshah Namdar novel has been climbed up with the life style, contemplating, noble works of Magol empire Humayun, son of empire Babar and father of empire the great Akbar.

Empire Humayun's life wasn't as usual like other Kings. Because, this empire has build a colorful life which is memorable as well as reasonable. But, In the field of war, His activities don't adjust with other Magol empire. Because, this man was full of kindness who always consider humanity first. Let see How  it proves that Humanity is the best!

All of us may know about the great diamond "Kohinur"! In this historical novel of Humayun Ahmed, We will see how 'Kuhinur diamond' came and transfer from hand to hand. We also know about wars with it.

Personally, I am fond of this novel. That's why I have bought a paperback of Badshah Namdar novel. If you find out it like me, Don't forget to buy a paperback.

On the other hand, Badshah Namdar written by Humayun Ahmed has a nice touch of Humayun Ahmed books writing style. So, History feel more live because of his great writing and presentation style!

So, Why are you waiting! Just download and read ....obviously reach to Magal empire history! Certainly, You will find out yourself in a desert, river in front of you, Magal food arrangement and more! You can't imagine where you are going to by reading this novel. Maybe This is the real test of reading Historical novel. Additional matter is getting education. We can learn many things from historical novel. By reading this novel, We can know about Magal Empire History. And also we will make a nice journey which is before 3-4 hundred of years!!! 

Book Name: Badshah Namdar
Writer: Humayun Ahmed
Book Type: Historical Novel

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