Kritodasher Hashi by Shawkat Osman

Kritodasher Hashi is a Bangla novel book and the plot of this book is historical & it has been featured by many authorities as well as the writer of this award wining book is Shawkat Osman.

Shawkat Osman was a popular Bangladeshi novelist and short story writer.

The historical novel book Kritodasher Hashi was published in 1962.

About The Author: 
Shawkat Osman was born on 2 January 1961 and he is also known as Shawkat Osman.

The author of this book was born in Ssbalsinghapur West Bengal in Hughli.

The name of his father was Sheikh Mohammad Yehia and Shawkat Osman was educated at the Aliah University.

He studied at this university on Anglo-Persian Department. He graduated in 1938 from at the St. Xavier’s College in Calcutta.

Shawkat Osman earned his MA degree from the University of Calcutta in Bengali literature in 1941.

He migrated to East Pakistan that means Bangladesh after the partition of India in 1947 and Osman started his professional life by teaching at the Dhaka College. Shawkat Osman also taught at the Chittagong Commerce College and he died in Dhaka. Shawkat Osman died on 14 May 1998.

About The Book:
Kritodasher Hashi by Shawkat Osman is one of the best Bangla books of Shawkat Osman. It is a historical Bangla book and the story of this book based on the Harunur Rashid life.

The English meaning of Kritodash is the servant. The meaning of the book name is the laugh of a servant.

By the way, you will learn a great moral by finishing the book and that is how to behave with a servant. And after all, history taught us many things that are very helpful for our life.

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Book Name: Kritodasher Hashi
Writer Name: Shawkat Osman
Book Type: Bangla Novel

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