Bangla Islamic Book Free Download-14 Rights of Parents on Children

You have old father and mother but you don't take care of them properly. Can you imagine, what would happen to you, if they don't take care of you properly when you was a child!

There are some people likewise stated above in our society. They only think about themselves. But they don't think the people who is surrounding them. As a man, you must complete properly the right of parents, wife and children. The thing is not complicated until you make it. On the other hand, proper peace is emerged when all the relation flow in proper way.

Islam is a religion of peace. It is called as the religion of peace. It has certain rules and regulation in every aspects of human life. When a Muslim maintains all the rules and regulation of Islam and operates his life according to Islam, The life become peaceful and meaningful.

Our father and mother are the most valuable person in our life. Without them, our existence was impossible. These two persons have made our life and resorted their best abilities to take away us in this stage of our life. However, I can't stated properly of this. Because, There are two reasons. I can write...But the writing will not finish. Another one is.....I have not the ability to write about their care and love properly.

Here is a Bangla Islamic Book(Not a book really...Only one page statement !) which contains about 14 rights of parents on children. As a son or daughter, You should read this.

Book Name: 14 Rights of Parents on Children
Book Type: Bangla Islamic Book

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