Chittagong Stock Exchange: The Second Largest Stock Market in Bangladesh

Brief History of Chittagong Stock Exchange:
Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) is based in the port city of Chittagong in Bangladesh.

This stock exchange is the twin financial hubs of the Bangladesh alongside the Dhaka Stock Exchange. Chittagong Stock Exchange established in 1991 and it is located in the Agrabad business district. The total capital or combined market capital is US$30 billion as of 2013.

The Chittagong Stock Exchange or the second stock exchange was established on 12 February 1995. Vision and Mission of Chittagong Stock Exchange:

The vision of Chittagong Stock Exchange is to make a global standard transactions place with securities and financial products.

And the mission of Chittagong Stock Exchange is practicing a set of core values and building a field of efficiency, diversification, and technology. They tried to make an accessible platform, market confidence, and wealth maximization.

Objectives of Chittagong Stock Exchange:
➩ Ensuring Quality of Exchange Related Services.
➩ Increasing Business Turnover Ration.
➩ Modernizing Trading System.
➩ Ensuring Effective relationship management.
➩ Contributing to the Capital Market Policy Development.
➩ Diversifying the Product and Market.
➩ Achieving High-Level Confidence and Professionalism.

Timeline of CSE:
⟹ CSE established and incorporated as a company on 1 April 1995.
⟹ In 10 October, CSE started in Cry Out System.
⟹ Internet Based Trading System Opened on 30 May 2004.
⟹ CSE Launched New Brand Logo on 8 July 2015.

Trading Hour of CSE:
Chittagong Stock Exchange Market opens at 10:30 am at the local time and closes at 2:30 pm at the local time in Bangladesh.

Statistical Information about CSE:
🔀 Number of Companies in CSE: 172 as of today.
🔀 Market Capital: 1.02 billion dollars.
🔀 Company size should be below 100 billion to 75.

Industry Sector of CSE:
Banking and Finance/ Insurance/ Textile and Clothing/ Pharmaceutical and chemical/ Food/ Cement/ Engineering/ Leather/ Real Estate/ ICT/ Paper & Printing/ Energy and Mutual Fund.

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