Bangla Share Bazar or Share Trading Learning: Stock Exchange O Binioyog: Book Review

Bangla Share Trading Learning Book
Bangla Share Trading Learning Book Review: For successful share trading or any trading, it is required acquiring knowledge on it. Because it is an art actually not only a business.

The art of being patient, skilled, experienced, emotions controlled, thrilled, wised, avoided procrastination, active, controlling mindset up, money management, better opportunity finding, resorting tactics, knowing the best moment, being up-to-date etc refers to become a stock trader.

By the way, to become such a valuable trader, a person must try to acquire knowledge on it and find out the way to apply the knowledge in his practice or practical way of trading.

To earn knowledge, there are many ways for the stock trader or share trader. Reading useful stock trading blogs, good books on share bazar or stock market can be just two good sources of learning share business or stock trading.

Here, I am going to present a smart review on a book which is related to Share Bazar, especially for Bangladesh stock exchange or Bangladeshi share bazar and the name of the share trading tips included book is 'Stock Exchange O Biniyog' written by Mohammad Enamul Hai.

Note: We have a hard copy of this valuable share bazar or share the trading book. We'll place the review basis on that hard copy. So, future upgraded, modified or adding new features may be added.

Book Name: Stock Exchange O Biniyog
Writer: Mohammad Enamul Hai
Published By: Zen Publishers
Publisher: Md. Nasim
Amount of Pages: 308
First Publish: 1997
Last Edition: We've 2010 edition. Future edition may exist!
Book Price: BDT 330

Our Comment
We've read the book as the basis of our three writers who have 3-4 years experienced knowledge on Forex trading and share trading or share bazaar.

They've told that the book is really very helpful to learn share trading or stock trading and acquire smart knowledge on share bazaar. They've also told that basically, there are very wants of good stock trading books written in Bangla. This section has really tremendously wanted of knowledge achieving.

However, This book seems the first one which is different than other existed books in the market resorting share bazar of Bangladesh.

Because This book not only contains share bazar necessary knowledge but also provides knowledge on technical analysis and fundamental analysis. However, there are need more quality books on share bazar or stock trading in Bangladesh resorting to Bangla.

Bangla Share Trading Learning Book

What Will You Get Basically
A share trading book or A book which is related to share bazar or stock market of Bangladesh written in Bangla. And the book which will bring you information regarding various trading or share trading or stock trading aspects.

You may check out others share bazar related books or Bangla share bazar books, but strongly said that if you don't read this one, you have missed a very good book which is greatly required to read by all the Bangladeshi share traders so that they can learn how to fundamental analysis, or how to technical analysis and how to measure market sentiment or market analysis etc.

On the other hand, money management, leverage, trader's motivation, necessary calculation, investing theory, financial statements analysis, chart pattern analysis, trading methods, portfolio keeping and ordination, controlling investing risk, fixing goal, necessary advice for share traders, financial concept and explained such as time value of money, simple interest, compound interest, sinking fund, present value, annuity etc various financial concept, security buying and selling, selection of brokers, brokers activities and so on share trading knowledge or tips related to share bazar can be learned by this book named Stock Exchange O Binioyog written by Mohammad Enamul Hai.

Truly speaking, the book related to share bazar or stock trading of Bangladesh presented here is really one of those good and standard books available on the market.