Changhore Gaan by Buddhadeb Guha

Changhore Gaan by Buddhadeb Guha is a popular and great Bengali romantic novel which is written by Buddhadeb Guha.

The Bengali novel book was first published in the Desh Publication, Kolkata, India.

If you read this book, you will get an amazing Bengali romantic golpo and this story is really a good story.

About The Author:
Buddhadeb Guha is a popular Bengali fiction writer of India and he was born on 29 June 1936 in Kolkata and he spent his early life in the Bangladesh.

Buddhadeb Guha studied at a well-known University of Kolkata and the name of this university is St Xavier’s College.

He spent his early most time in Rangpur, Jaypurhat, and Barisal.

Actually, his writings have a different style and his novels and short stories are characterized by their dreamy and romantic appeal.

He has written many popular Bengali books and these books are...

About The Book:
The story of this Bengali book is a different story and actually, if you read this book, you can but said that it is a novel.

Anyone can not directly say that it is a novel book but it has another different genre of Bengali literature.

The first character you will find in this book is Ferdousi Akhtar from Dhanmondi, Bangladesh.

Actually, Ferdousi Akhtar, Bangladesh and Bosonto Marg , New Delhi. They are taking each other with the letter and they also love each other. If you read this book, you can read their letter.

By the way, the style of storytelling in this book is really a different style.

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Book Name: Changhore Gaan
Writer Name: Buddhadeb Guha

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