Fire Esho Sundoritoma by Anisul Hoque

Fire Esho Sundoritoma by Anisul Hoque is a Bangla romantic novel which is written by Anisul Hoque.

Ronjona was a beautiful woman. She was the world’s most beautiful woman.

On a sudden night, she came to me and again she left on a sudden night. She came to me with a lot of love and affection.

But there was something happened between us that she left the story narrator.

What was happen? If you want to know the sorrow or pain story of this book and you have to read the whole book.

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So, download the Bangla romantic novel Fire Esho Sundoritoma by Anisul Hoque and Read to Enjoy!

Book Name: Fire Esho Sundoritoma
Writer: Anisul Hoque
Book Type: Bangla Romantic Novel

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