Download Motku Mamar Goyenda Ovijan By Anisul Hoque

Motku Mamar Goenda Ovijan by Anisul Hoque is a funny detective type book by Anisul Hoque. By reading this Bangla book, you will get two different tastes.

One taste is to get a detective plot where some tiny detectors are so serious and curious about their mission. And the second taste is to get a funny story.

Most of funny things are happened with the Motku Mama. Mama is awesome!!!

It is a detective type novel but funny and helpful in the case of creativity of students of class six-seven etc.

Because, in the story of this book, it has been seen that the hero and his fellows are in class six and they try to make many detective occurrences with the help of their fat uncle named Motku Mama. So, to know what happened, you should read the book.

Inside of the book

Anisul Hoque is a novel and fictitious writer, dramatist, and journalist of Bangladesh. He has written so many books.

He also writes regularly on newspaper. Most of his newspaper writings are focused on the issue of discrimination in our society.

His some popular books are Seguti Tomar Jonno, Poroshi Jodi Amay Chuto, Abar Tora Kipte Ho, Nandini etc.

However, if you wanna to be thrilled up and get elements to laugh out loudly then just download this Bangla book named Motku Mamar Goyenda Ovijan By Anisul Hoque.

Book Name: Motku Mamar Goyenda Ovijan
Writer: Anisul Hoque
Book Type: Detective, Funny, Comics, Teen aged Novel

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