Enjoy Your Life Bangla by Sheikh Dr. Muhamad bin Abdul Rahman Al-Arefe

Enjoy Your Life by Sheikh Muhammad Al-Arifi is a Bangla Islamic book or Bangla Islamic Translation book in Bangla version reffered as Bangla motivational book or Bangla Inspirational book which is written by Sheikh Muhammad AL-Arifi.

This is a book that centered our heart on developing and perfecting our interpersonal skills based on the Islamic Principles.

It develops our skills such as how to treat with our parents, children or students or friends etc.

About The Author:
Mohamad bin Abdel Rahman al- Arefe was born on 15 July in 1970 and he is a member of the Muslim Scholars.

He was born in Saudi Arabia and he is a Saudi Muslim author, writer, and Muslim scholar.

The main theme of his research is the relation between Islam and Science.

Sheikh Dr. Muhamad bin Abdul Rahman Al-Arefe

Sheikh Mohamad al-arefe is a professor at King Saud University. He is also a member of Muslim World League.

Mohammad Al –Arefe has a bachelor’s degree in the Islamic theology and he completed his graduation from Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University and this university is situated in Riyadh.

Mohamad Al- Arefe has received a master’s degree in also the Islamic Theology. His another popular book is ‘The End of the World’.

About The Book:
This is a best seller book. It has been sold more than 2.5 cores copy's across the world.

The book is primarily or mainly written based on the life of our beloved person Prophet Muhammad (SW.).

Actually, this book is really a nice book and if you read the introduction of this book, you will go to be read the whole book.

In this book, you will also find numerous incidents from the history and the author’s personal experiences.

However, this book is not just a practical self-helping book but this book is also a good lesson from the History.

If you really want to motivate yourself, develop interpersonal skills, social skills, practice well manners, shine in life then this book can be a good(obviously perfect) one. Frankly speaking, I've never seen such a book like this to motivate and change life attitude toward positive.

So, download the Bangla Islamic book or popular Islamic book in Bangla Version named ‘Enjoy Your Life by Sheikh Mohammad Al- Arefe’ and read Bangla ebook to enjoy!

Book Name: Enjoy Your Life
Writer Name: Sheikh Dr. Muhamad bin Abdul Rahman Al-Arefe
Book Type: Bangla Translated Ebook/ Bangla Islamic Book/ Motivational / Inspirational

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