Bangla Islamic Book Download Titled Char Bhoyonkor Shopno

Bangla Islamic Book Titled Char Bhoyonkor ShopnoBook Name: Char Bhoyonkor Shopno
Writer Name: Mohammad Iliyas Attar Kadiree Rojbi
Book Type: Bangla Islamic Book

Char Bhoyonkor Shopno by Mohammad Iliyas Attar Kadiree Rojbi is a popular Bangla Islamic book and this Bangla book has an interesting speech about Dreams. The publication of this Bangla book is Maktabutal Madani.

In this Bangla book or Bangla Islamic book, you will get different types of Islamic question solutions and answers and I am giving the 4 names of Dreams or Shopno from this Bangla book...

1. Rohossho Vhora Ekti Kalponik Kahini
2. Mritoodeher Kakoti Minoti
3. Bhoyonkor Bagh
4. Poolsirater BhoyaBhota.

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