Jalbondi By Samaresh Mojumdar

Jalbondi By Samaresh Mojumdar is a great Bengali novel written by the prominent west Indian author named Samaresh Mojumdar who is greatly popular for his expertise of writing Bengali story & novel.

The Bengali novel talking here titled Jalbondi is a fantastic novel of this popular author.

About The Author:
Samaresh Majumdar is an west Indian author who are widely famous for his magical power of writing and narrating story in front of his readers.

Mr. Majumdar has a great popularity and the number of his readers are so large. He is one of the top popular writer in both Bangladesh and West India.

Samaresh Majumdar has written so many popular Bengali books in his literature life. Some of those are mentioned below...

About The Book:
The Benglai ebook titled Jalbondi is a Bengali novel of the popular Benglai author somaresh mojumdar. If you have already read any book of this writer, then you must love this book tool.

This novel narrates the story of relation between human life in front of us. And it shows the significant role of emotion in our life.

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Book Name: Jalbondi
Writer Name: Samaresh Mojumdar
Book Type: Novel

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