Thikana Varatborsho by Samaresh Majumdar

Thikana Varatborsho by Samaresh Majumdar is an well known & great novel book of the popular Bengali author named Samaresh Majumdar.

The writer is so popular for his charming writing skills. And he has written so many popular Bengali novel books.

If you like Samaresh Majumdar and fond of his writing, then We hope you definitely like this novel.

About The Author: 
Samaresh Majumdar is a well known and popular Bengali author who has written so many Bengali novels. And almost all of his novels are famous and greatly accepted by his readers. He has a lot of readers for his novels.

If you are a fan of Samaresh Majumdar writings or novels or books, then this book titled will be liked by you.

Mr. Majumdar has the super ability of narrating a story in a fantastic way. Thus his books are awesome to read and enjoy.

He has written many popular Bengali novels. Some of those novels can be mentioned as below for you...
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  5. Josnay Borshar Megh by Samaresh Majumdar

About The Book: 
The Bengali novel named  Thikana Varatborsho by Samaresh Majumdar is a popular book. The starting of this book has been when the character of this book Surjo waiting for going Calcutta from a rural area. He and Disha are thinking to get a way how to reach Calcutta safely.

However, to read the full story which are existed on the book, just download and read to enjoy!

Book Name: Thikana Varatborsho
Writer Name: Samaresh Majumdar

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