Probondha Sangraha by Pramatha Chowdury

Probondha Sangraha by Pramatha Chowdhury is a Bangla article or Bangla Probondha book which is written by Pramath Chowdhury.

I think you have known about Sahitte Khela, Boi Pora, Birbol etc topic are collected from the book of Probondha Sangraha by Pramath Chowdhury.

About The Writer
Pramatha Chowdhury was born on 7 August 1868 and died on 2 September 1946 in Kolkata. His paternal house was situated Horipur village in Pabna thana.

There was a lot of remarkable achievements in his education life. He graduated from Calcutta University in 1890 in English literature in First class and later he went foreign country for completing his Barrister study.

When he came back from England, he did not join Barrister Profession but he started studying English literature for some time. His pseudonym or nickname or pen name was ‘Birbol’. The magazine title ‘Sobuj Patra’ edited by Pramath Chowdhury played a pioneering role introducing the customary language in Bangla literature.

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About The Book:
This book was first published on 7 August 1952.

Pramath Chowdhury has written many articles in the newspaper and this book is a big collection of Bangla article or Bangla Probondho of Pramath Chowdhury.

You will be able to learn many things about Bangladesh and its culture by reading this book.

By the way, this book is one of the best and popular Bangla books by Pramath Chowdhury.

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Book Name: Probondha Sangraha
Author Name: Pramatha Chowdhury
Book Type: Bangla Articles / Probondho

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