Albino by Buddhadeb Guha

Albino by Buddhadeb Guha is a Bengali novel book which is written by Buddhadeb Guha.

Mr. Guha was a very modern in his lifestyle.

The story of this book has something interesting thing that you must know.

You know, the title of this book is also an exceptional name.

About The Author:
Buddhadeb Guha was born on 29 June 1936 and he was a Bengali fiction writer. He was also a highly successful CA by his profession.

He was also known as a musician. You know, he was very modern in his lifestyle.

The writer has achieved many literature awards.

Do you know what the most famous novel of Buddhadeb is? It is Madhukori. This novel is considered as a milestone book in Bengali literature.

Mr. Guha has written many popular Bengali books and some of his notable Bengali books are...

About The Book:
The mobile was ringing. The call was ringing long time that means Rijuda was not at home. Rijuda has gone to the doctor.

Thus the story has begun...

Actually, it is an interesting story. You must read the whole book for getting the real taste.

By the way, Buddhadeb Guha was a great writer and his writing style are very simple and for this reason, you can read the book.

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Book Name: Albino
Writer Name: Buddhadeb Guha

Book Type: Novel

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