Shes Bikeler Meye by Zahir Raihan

Shes Bikeler Meye by Zahir RaihanShes Bikeler Meye by Zahir Raihan is a romantic Bangla novel book which is written by Zahir Raihan.

This book is a Bangla romantic novel book and story about Bangladeshi middle-class family.

The writer of this book was a Bangladeshi novelist, writer, and popular filmmaker.

The story of the romantic Bangla novel is really an enchanted and beautiful story.

About The Author:
Zahir Raihan was born on 19 August 1935 and he died on 30 January 1972.

Zahir Raihan was a popular Bangladeshi novelist, filmmaker, and writer. Zahir Raihan is more popular for creating the best documentary ‘Stop Genocide’.

This documentary was made during the Liberation War of Bangladesh.

The full name of Zahir Raihan is Mohammad Zahirullah.

Raihan has written many popular Bangla books and some of his famous and notable Bangla books are...

About The Book:
The story of this Bangla novel book is a romantic Bangla story of a middle- Class Bangladeshi family.

A young boy whose life revolved around a girl that he knew. This novel was the first novel of Zahir Raihan.

If you read the novel, you will find nothing but the simple love story of Bangladesh.

You will feel better after reading this book because everything in this book has that something like you much.

However, I will suggest you read the book as the first book of Zahir Raihan.

Shes Bikeler Meye by Zahir Raihan

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Book Name: Shes Bikeler Meye
Writer Name: Zahir Raihan
Book Type: Novel

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