Free Bangla Islamic Book Download-Imaner Dabi

Bangla Books PDF is offering to download another Bangla Islamic Book Named Imaner Dabi. This book is to build, repair and make strong your 'Iman' and 'Akida' to our creator Allah Almighty.

There are five bases of Islam. A Muslim has responsibility and care for these five base of Islam. And Iman is the main base of these five bases of Islam. When you can bring the light of Iman into your mind toward Allah and his creation, that is the iman what is called such as belief. A Muslim believes to Allah and his all creations. He believes that Allah is the main source of all power. If Allah wants, He can create or destruct. It is depended on himself.

Who feel that their Belief is getting week, They must read this book. Who want to make their Iman more strong, They should read this Bangla Islamic Book titled Bangla Namaz Shikha Book.

Book Name: Imaner Dabi
Writer: Maulana Sayed Abul Hasan Ali(Rah.)
Book Type: Bangla Islamic Book

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