Chade Tintin Bangla Comics Book

Chade Tintin is a Bangla comic book and it is a series of Tintin Comics book.

Tintin is a journalist and he has a dog and the name of the dog is Snowy. The story of this book is really awesome and if you read this story Chade Tintin, you will not get bored.

Tintin is a boy who has a round shape face and his hair is like a quiffy hairstyle. The author Herge was influenced by the physical appearance of his younger brother Paul and Paul had a round face and also quiffy hairstyle.

Herge is a cartoonist and for this reason, he always tries to draw something. During his early school life, he had drawn pictures in the school workbooks of an unnamed young man battling. And later he commented that this drawing has become a brave and adventurous character by using his intelligence and this character is Tintin.

The others popular Tintin Bangla comics series are Biplovider Jangole/ Chandraloke Avizan/ Ascharza Ulka/ Bombate Jahaj etc.

By the way, this book is one of the most popular series of Tintin Comics book and this book definitely pleased you.

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Book Name: Chade Tintin Bangla Comics Book
Writer: Herge
Book Type: Bangla Comics 

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