5 Special YouTube Tips From Youtube Experts

YouTube Tips
YouTube Tips: YouTube is the third number of most popular website in the world, the first is Google and the second is Facebook.

Millions of people subscribe each day on YouTube, with over 800 million unique users log into and visit each month.

Moreover, YouTube is on in 43 countries and is available in 60 languages. From this speech, I can say that YouTube is the most popular and important site. I think you also like YouTube.

By the way, I have given below some important tips and tricks for you to watch YouTube smoothly and interestingly.

1. Watch Videos in Slow Speed
The YouTube video player let’s give you the easily changing system the playback speed of videos.

You can watch a YouTube video in slow motion and you will find the different types of frames in more detail or if the video is boring to you, just switch to fast motion mode.

I am just encouraging to you to watch YouTube in Slow-Motion or Fast-Motion.

2. Save Videos For Watching Later
You are doing a job. You are thinking that your job might be at risk, cause you are watching videos one more at office time, you can save content or video to watch later. Click 'Watch Later', this will find on the screen. If you don't find this option, you can seek on the main YouTube site under the "Add to" icon just under the video window.

If you want to attach videos for watch later, you have to select 'Watch Later' button from the menu that appears when you click on your username. You have to sign up for getting this service from YouTube.

3. Get The Size And Resolution Of Videos
If you want to YouTube at 'full screen', YouTube now offers a viewing window that's larger than the standard size, but this service does not fill the screen.

If your video is not good enough resolution to look decent at full screen, or if you need to keep resolution and size in good mode, you should select the mid-size viewing option on the bottom right of the video window of YouTube main site.

You can be adjusted resolution by clicking the resolution count (360p, 480p, etc) that is also on the bottom right.

In addition to, you can change your account settings to always play HD when you want to watch full screen. To set this, just go to "Playback Setup" under the "Settings” of the menu.

4. Find Your History
You recently find a video and watch it. After watching this video you have deleted this video and thinking you shouldn't have. In this aspect, YouTube offers you "My Viewing History" service.

You will find this video under 'Video Manager' service. If you want to manage your video you have to click on your username icon at the top right of the screen. From here, you can add your video to your "Favorites" item and your "Watch Later" list or your playlists, as well as delete videos you've watched.

5. Use Keyboard Shortcuts For Saving Time
You have to get familiar with that YouTube offers several useful keyboard shortcuts. You are watching a video, click on the screen and then you can use the space button as a pause/play.

The left and right arrows work as 5 second back and 5 second forward shortcut keys, while the up and down arrows control the volume.

Home and end are also used as shortcuts — home takes you to the back of beginning of a video and end takes you last of the video.

We also use 'f' as to do full screen and use 'Esc' as the exit from the video.

YouTube Tips

You have just read the 5 special tips for better usage of YouTube. YouTube is a google product. Google always makes their product easy to use. These simple tips may help you at all.

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