How to Take Preparation of Accounting for SSC Exam

Accounting seems hard for class 9-10 students because of various reasons.

But the most common reason is that it is new subject which students get on class nine for first time on their student life.

Other subjects such as Bangla, English or Mathematics are found on the early of student life. But these specific subjects are found on the class nine where three important paths(science, commerce & arts) for higher study usually come.

However, from my own past experience, I thought to make a helpful guide on accounting so that students of class nine or class ten can be benefited.

1.  Feelings for Accounting: There are many important aspects are learned on class 9-10. On the other hand, it can be called as the foundation level of accounting on the head of students of such classes.

So, The stronger foundation is, the stronger structure can be built!

To pass on accounting or make a A+ result on accounting can be easily done or take little hardship by memorizing things without feeling and understanding.

But such activities will keep to bring hardship on intermediate when you will take preparation for HSC examination.

So, the accounting course for SSC is small then HSC and time also more then class. So, use it and try to understand accounting by getting actual meaning of its.

2. Overview of Accounting: In this classes, transaction, account, double entry system, journal entries, ledger, cash book, balance sheet and some other aspects are given students to learn.

These concepts are the foundation of accounting and for HSC level and Hons first year, you will get such concepts again and again but in broad concepts.

On the other hand, learning these things deeply will be helpful for you to understand others aspects of accounting.

So, take it seriously and just don't try to memorize. Because, understanding clearly like journal entries, ledger, balance sheet as well as other rules and regulation of accounting will be helpful to answer any question on such concept on examination.

If you find different question on your SSC exam, you will be able to understand and answer well.


3. Specific Understand Each Chapter: Don't be hurry and use the time properly. I've already said that by memorizing, you will be able to get A+ in the exam.

But that is not ideal.

Because, by understanding well you will get the real objective of learning such subject. However, some short tips on each chapter of accounting for class nine-ten are given below:

Transaction: Transaction is the key point for keeping accounting. Every transaction is an event but every event is not a transaction.

We will record the events on our account book which are called transaction.

So, we need to recognize the events well which are called transaction. The simple rule is to apply is that we will judge every event basis on the money.

If any event costs money, it can be called as transaction.

Follow the below tips for understanding transaction chapter of accounting:

Tip-1: Understand clearly the features of transaction.

Tip-2: Ask your teacher until you understand the concept well.

Account: This chapter is very important to understand  accounting properly. If you understand this chapter clearly, your hardship for learning accounting will be easier.

In this chapter you will get the accounting equation which is the primary key to judge financial records. Such equation has two parts.

One is consisted with asset and expense and another part is consisted with liability, owner equity and income.

Remember, if each part influence any amount of money, another part will be effected with the same amount of money.

The balance of each part of this equation will be same. If it is not same, then there must exist mistake.


Double Entry System: The accounting system which are used for recording transaction and keeping accounting worldwide greatly is the double entry system. You will learn accounting basis on this.

So, it is important to understand double entry system chapter.

Journal Entries: After occurring a transaction we keep it on our accounts book. The primary and important book is for giving journal entries for the transaction or placing the transaction on our journal book.

Because, it is the first step of our all accounting calculation and records.

Journal Entry

Follow the below tips for understanding journal chapter of accounting:

Tip-1: Try to understand how two parts of the accounting equation are influenced by a transaction. For example, suppose, you have bought a new mobile for BDT 5000.

Notice how it effect the accounting equation. For this transaction, you have given money BDT 5000 and get a new mobile phone. BDT 5000 was an asset for you which has gone away.

So, if any particular asset is gone away, you have to credit it and when any particular asset add to your condition, it has to be debit on the accounting book.

So, you can simply make the journal entry for this transaction by crediting the cash balance by BDT 5000 and debiting mobile phone account by showing the mobile phone purchasing price.

Tip-2: Try to use accounting equation illustration when you are practicing journal entries.

Accounting Equation

Ledger: Ledger books are important books of accounting process. By the ledger entries we make balance sheet and get specific information for some of total transactions for a particular account.

Accounting equation helps in this chapter too to understand.

Basically, you can use accounting equation every concept of accounting.

Because that is related to every concepts of accounting and can be called as fundamental.

Balance Sheet: Balance sheet is the toughest part of accounting for class nine and ten. Here, some ledger entries and adjusting entries(Journal entries) are given to make purchase and sell account, profit and loss account and balance sheet.

To understand balance sheet, you have to practice it well by understanding accounting rules and system. You have to understand well what is expense or revenue.

You have to understand what is asset or liability. And remember every adjusting entry will be shown in at least two parts of these three accounts.

4. Theory: Don't avoid theoretical concepts or just memorize to answer in the exam.

Because, if you understand accounting theory properly, you don't need any teacher to make you understood accounting. Believe me it rocks!

When I've tried to understand the accounting concepts on my honors(BBS), I've gotten so much benefits from such activities where my others classmates was trying to manage private from teachers, I've use theory to understand accounting. And finally, I've judged between me and my friends.

My knowledge on accounting was not less than their knowledge by any side. 

5. Practice: For A+ in Accounting for SSC examination, you have to practice accounting maths regularly.

Regularly practice will be helpful to understand and think with accounting terms and finally bring you standard result.


Following above tips and guideline for preparation of accounting for SSC exam may help you.

We hope that. Take preparation and be attentive from the first time.

If you have wasted your time already, now this is the hard time to be strict on it.  Be attentive and disciplined as well as strategic for your study, make believe on your inner mind that ultimate winner you must be.

Success must come!

Because, it should come!

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