Animan by Muhammed Zafar Iqbal: Bangla Science Fiction Book

Animan by Muhammed Zafar IqbalDownload Bangla Book PDF Named Animan by Muhammed Zafar Iqbal: Bangla Science Fiction Book.

Animan is a great science fiction work of Muhammed Zafar Iqbal. Lydia is a beautiful girl but nobody notices her and she knows the reason behind this.

You know, a man needs to be beautiful inside but not outside. Lidya is beautiful by outside but inside she has acute darkness. By reading this book, you will get an awesome science fiction story. The writer of this book is a great and popular writer in Bangladesh.

About The Author:
Muhammed Zafar Iqbal is a popular Bangladeshi author, physicist and professor and activist. People considered him as a pioneer of Bangla science fiction story writer and besides this, he is a children literature.

He was born on 23 December 1952 and he was served as a Vice President of Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad committee.

Muhammed Zafar Iqbal played a leading role in founding the Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad and he popularised mathematics among the Bangladeshi youths at the local and international level.

He has written many popular Bangla science fiction books and people considered him as a science fiction writer and some famous Bangla books of Muhammed Zafar Iqbal are given below...

About The Book:
We have saved your life twice from the danger, you don’t know that. You could fall in legal trouble due to little careless activities. At that time, Lydia looked stopped breathing to Ricardo then she asked; who are you?

By the way, the Bangla golpo of the science fiction book is really an awesome and beautiful story.

So, download the Bangla science fiction story book named ‘Animan by Muhammed Zafar Iqbal’ and read Bangla book to enjoy!

Book Name: Animan
Writer Name: Muhammad Zafar Iqbal
Book Type: Science Fiction

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