Ruposhi Bangla by Jibanananda Das

Ruposhi Bangla by Jibanananda DasRuposhi Bangla by Jibanananda Das is great Bangla poem book which narrates the beauty of the nature of Bangla. If you want to watch the nature of Bangla, then you can read it to watch the beauty with the eyes of the poet.

That's why the poet is called as the poet of Ruposi Bangla.

Twelve years ago, I was reading in a school and in class eight. I got the new book and starting reading the poetry session of the book. I got stuck in a poem and it was only 14 verses. The name of this poem was Abar Asibo Fire by Jibanananda Das.

About The Author: The mother’s name of Jibanananda Das was Kusumkuari Das. She was also a popular Bengali poet and she wrote a famous poem titled Adorsho Chhele, English meaning is ‘The Ideal boy’. This poem is well known to Bengali to this day and the poem is...

amader deshe hobe sei chele kobe full poem
amader deshe hobe sei chele kobe-Kusumkuari Das

Jibanananda Das was the eldest son of his parents and the nickname of his was Milu.

Jibanananda Das fell ill in his childhood.

He has written many popular Bengali books and these Bengali books are...

About The Book:
Ruposhi Bangla is a Bengali poem book which you will find all poems are patriotic poems.

If you do not love your country, you should read this book and these patriotic poems.

You will get 61 patriotic poems in this Bengali poem book.

Abar Ashibo Fire is one of the best poems in this book and you will get this poem in the textbook of class eight.

Ruposhi Bangla by Jibanananda Das
Abar Ashibo Fire by Jibanananda Das

By the way, the book Ruposhi Bangla is really a nice and amazing Bengali poem book.

So,download the Bengali poem book named Ruposhi Bangla by Jibanananda Das and Read Bengali books to enjoy!

Book Name: Ruposhi Bangla
Poet Name: Jibanananda Das

Book Type: Poem / Kobita

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