Download Bangla Islamic Book PDF Titled Gibat or Backbiting

If you want to make your character nice and beautiful and clear as well as out of sin, then you should read this Islamic book and follow the rules. It is about to a character flaw of human named Gibat or backbiting.

Gibat or Backbiting is harmful for man kind. Before we move to deep, we should be clarified about the definition of Gibat or Backbiting or backstabbing.

Gibat is telling something bad about someone in the absence of that person. It is done in order to bite the person behind his/her back.

Gibat can ruined a person's life. It can destroy a family. It can deliberate the system of a society. It has mass harmfulness. So, we should avoid this from our habit.

Yes! Gibat is a bad habit. If we want to make our character beautiful and look better to the almighty Allah, we have to cut down the habit of gibat from our character.

So, download this Islamic book and read many unknown things about the backbiting or gibat. Like any other thing, it is also so important to make beautiful our character and know the way how to beautify it. This book may help you a lot.

Book Name: Gibat or Backbiting
Book Type: Bangla Islamic Book

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